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Pan American Values

In sports competitions, there’s usually a prize for the first three positions. It could be a trophy, a medal or a combination of both plus flowers.

However, in the Pan American Games 2011, taking place in Guadalajara, Jalisco Mexico, the concept is remarkable. The three mascots in this competition are the ambassadors of Pan American Values, and are in charge of positioning visually the competition, since they highlight different aspects in Jalisco:

Gavo (the agave plant):  represents the region where a famous product is produced: Tequila. His main values are respect and happiness.

Leo (the lion): symbol of the state of Jalisco, which reflects loyalty and discipline.

Huichi (the deer): ambassador for the Huichols (ethnic group in of western central Mexico). Friendship and companionship are her main characteristics.

For instance, as the winners receive their medals, they also get a cuddly toy of each character; thus, the toys work as an item that will remind them of their participation in a stronger way than flowers would do.

Men and women get the toys, not minding that the former might decide to make a present to their girlfriends later on.

On the other hand, it is almost impossible to deny that these mascots are cute, aren’t they?

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