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Google Day Experience

 Fun fact: I did not know that Google Days existed!

That’s how every expositor from Google began their presentation whenever they were about to talk about the many products that this huge company offers for online marketing. Fun facts certainly broke the ice.

I had the opportunity to attend this meeting in Mexico City, and although the trip lasted only one day, I took a lot of notes and absorbed every single bit of each exposition from the Google staff, even if it sounded ‘basic’ or ‘logical’.

The Google Day Experience focused on how to make Google ads by using platforms like AdWords and Google Analytics to run a campaign and measure it so that you know what to change.

Marketing with Google is not about publishing online ads everywhere. This actually involves effort in finding the right keywords, analyzing them and to then create the appropriate ad for a specific audience. While accuracy is one of the most important elements, the landing page (the site that the ad leads to after clicking on it) also requires optimization.

To do so, check out the tips provided by the Google staff:

  1. Highlight the call to action in your landing page so that the user knows exactly what to do in this site. Maybe you are promoting a new product and service and you want the user to download a digital version of your brochure.
  2. Eliminate all the buttons, text and web elements that don’t really need to be there. The user might get confused when noticing that your site isn’t exactly easy to navigate.
  3. Simplify the web forms in your landing page. The more fields you add, the more you might discourage the user to enter their data.
  4. It’s okay to have some text as part of the site’s composition. Just make sure it’s brief.
  5. What the users read on your ad must be coherent with the content you’re showing on your landing page. Keep this in mind if you don’t want them to leave right away!
  6. Avoid visual distractions. Placing pictures all over the site won’t make it more actractive.
  7. As you really make an effort to make a clean and easy to navigate site, you will really gain trust from the users who click on your ads. This is a slow process, and worth trying it.

A single day isn’t enough to cover all the aspects involved in the world of Google advertising. It is certainly worth studying every platform to position brands on the internet adopting new techniques, and at the same time, keeping track of the campaign results to modify whatever is needed. 

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