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Tidbit Friday

Happy Friday, everyone!

I'll share this joke I found here a couple of days back. Enjoy!

A producer died and went to heaven. At the pearly gates, God welcomed the producer and offered to show her around Heaven. She saw that life above was serene and tranquil with omnipresent lutes and choral singing. But none of her friends were there. Remarking to the Almighty that she was expecting a more lively scene in the afterlife, God offered to let her take a look at afterlife in Hell. 

Hell was a complete surprise -- all her friends were there whooping it up, partying, drinking beer and rocking out. She returned to Heaven and asked God if she could spend her eternity in Hell. He responded in the affirmative. Upon her return to Hell, she found just what she had always conditioned to expect. A fiery inferno, backbreaking labor, no coffee breaks. As the devil approached her with a menacing smile, the producer pleaded with him to explain the discrepancy between this version of Hell and the one she'd seen on her first visit. The devil replied, "Oh, did you like my demo reel?".

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