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 Constructing an identity online means not only sharing our interests, but also revealing who we are through them, through our comments, visual material and the expression of ideas. As Brian Solis, a digital analyst, sociologist and futurist in new media, defines in his blog:

“social media is a deeply personal ecosystem that I lovingly refer to as the EGOsystem. As such, there is a ‘me’ in social media for a reason. It is quiet literally a world in which we are at the center of our online experiences, a place where everything and everyone revolves around us.” (2011)

The EGOsystem…interesting term, right?

There is a variety of behaviors that can be found to the documentation provided by Brian and his friends at the JESS3 creative agency. Read the full article here.

A question might come out when reading carefully each category: what behavior does my brand actually have?

In the EGOsystem, it is necessary to stayed focus on the target instead of finding ways to make it all look like the brand is the center of the online universe. For instance, being a conversationalist would be ideal for creating content and providing feedback. Both factors may lead to build a stronger connection.

On the other hand, to spice up the content a bit, the TMI (Too Much Information) behavior may work out if it is creatively used. Yes, it is true that those who receive the update are the ones who determine whether it was too much or not. That is when intended puns may take place as an alternative motto for an online campaign.

When it comes to segmentation, this list is helpful to find new opportunities and learn what kind of content may be attractive enough to them. Challenges in social media require great efforts to set the right interaction with the right target; therefore, more questions come on the way:

How to keep a commenter’s interest? How to create an association with connectors? How to make observers join the conversation? How to make complainers post a positive impression of your brand?

Let the brainstorming begin.

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