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Software Languages

Software languages are used to create executable programs or even operating systems. Let us take a look at what is behind computer products.

It is used for software application development such as business programs, engineering programs and games, too. The UNIX operating system is written with this language.

It looks like this:

This language derives from C. The difference is that C++ is object-oriented, which is why it is used for graphical applications. 

It looks like this:
Visual Basic

It was developed by Microsoft and it is a language that programmers can use to create simple graphical user interface (GUI) applications as well as complex ones. The programming involves arranging components or controls and specifying attributes of said components. Also, lines of code are added for functionality. 

It looks like this:

It is considered a powerful and flexible language that creates applets (a program executed within another program). They run inside web sites and in software applications. With Java you can interact with the user, create graphical programs, read from files…

It looks like this:

Do you know any other software language?

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