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If Kafka did it, so do you

How many times have you felt like drawing but end up letting yourself down? And mainly because of one reason: you don’t have the talent. One more question: how hard have you actually tried to change that?

One of the best writers of the 20th century did try: Franz Kafka. He wished to become a draughtsman when he was still a student. His written work is certainly more remarkable as The Trial, The Castle and The Metamorphosis prove; on the other hand, his drawings did reach exposure in 2011.

A collection of 40 drawings was edited by Niels Bokhove and Marijke van Dorst. Each one includes texts that originally belonged to or matched with it.

 Title in english: Franz Kafka pictorial artist

Kafka’s technique wasn’t actually complex, if any. Simplicity is actually what makes these drawings so expressive and enigmatic.  Through them, he portrayed the thoughts that came from his very core. And even when the texts aren’t clear enough on what he’s representing, you may still interpret. 

Let your canvas portray what’s on your mind. Forget about the clarity of your drawings, it’s not a must. That’s the beauty of it. Let imagination fly. Interpretation is, and will always, be free.

Are you ready to retake drawing?

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