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The Holstee Manifesto

Holstee is a company focused on lifestyle goods, designed with a conscience. Those words were written down by its three founders - Mike, Fabian and Dave - just when the recession was at the worst point in 2009. The message wasn't focused on their older jobs or shirts, they were looking deeper:

It was about what they wanted from life and how to create a company that breathes that passion into the world everyday. It was a reminder of what we live for. The result became known as the Holstee Manifesto.

Ready to start living your dream?


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2 comentarios:

Jack Giesen dijo...

I've always loved this message, but I think a lot of people gloss over "if you need more time, stop watching tv". Achieving your dreams takes hard work.


Licha dijo...

It's truly inspiring :) and yeah, it's challening to step out of the comfort zone, especially when it comes to stop watching TV.

How about quitting a job that isn't so exciting or challenging?

Determination is key.

All the best on your way of achieving your dreams, Jack :)

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