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How to check if the DNSChanger is going to affect you

 Sure you already heard the news about not having internet on July 9th (next Monday). This is due to the DNSChanger botnet.

According to the article published by Mike Orcutt “No Web for Hundreds of Thousands onMonday” on Technology Review:

Between 2007 and October of last year, the DNSChanger virus infected four million computers in 100 countries, according to the FBI. Often without the victims' knowledge, the computers were turned into drones that were instructed by rogue servers to visit websites and click on ads in a scheme to generate fraudulent advertising revenue.

So it means that if you try to connect to iTunes, you would be sent to a website unaffiliated to Apple that stated to sell Apple software. This is the symptom that shows the infection.

Now, checkif the DNSChanger is going to affect you. It’s quick and easy.

Good luck :)

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