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Social into Social

As part of the marketing tendencies, brands involve into social causes in order to empathize with current issues such as global warming, breast cancer, alcohol consumption and so on. Responsibility involves the introduction of a more human and concerned side for the benefit of a community; therefore, the image of said brands goes far beyond the selling of a product.

In the specific case of breast cancer, Carolina Herrera, Energizer, Canon, Skechers, the NFL, Comercial Mexicana (Mexican supermarket) and Voit joined the cause to fight this issue in their very own way through their products and services in 2010 as shown below:

Images taken from merca20.com 

It is true that by making their empathy evident, the exposure will be greater, and therefore, the target might perceive the brand in a positive way. On the other hand, it would be harmful to just keep the focus on those actions instead of inviting the people to join and be part of it. For example, the NFL reminded how important it is for 40 year old women to prevent the cancer through the campaign A crucial catch: annual screening saves lives. Not only the fans who attended the matches held banners with that message, but also the players wore pink as part of their outfits to show support.

Therefore, the involvement from both sides was active and constant.

On the other hand, social networks can work as a vessel to create awareness and get some more participation in a personal way. They may work as discussion forum without actually creating one on a website; pictures and the use of the wall-post, on Facebook for example, are the tools needed in order to start the interaction.

However, content is what truly matters at the end of the day. The ‘moderator’ (or the person in charge of managing the account) must be aware of what kind of information will be added, and above all, how to encourage people to interact and discuss constructively.

So here I present some ideas that can be useful on Facebook to bring social responsibility into a social network:

  • Add pictures, videos or any kind of graphics constantly. Users will notice that there is always something new so that they can comment or share them on their own profiles.
  • When adding content, do not stick to statistics only. It is true that numbers provide important information, but be creative too. Make analogies out of them so that the participants have a better idea of what they mean. Just like Coca-Cola did on its most recent TV commercial Reasons to Believe.
  • Make questions to let the constructive discussion start. Not only provide information of what your brand is doing, but also let the participants see that what they say is very important. They might share their own anecdotes.
  • Encourage them to look for further information. Supporting a great cause also means creating awareness and therefore, more compromise from the target. At the end of the day, it is all for the benefit of our society.

For instance, getting so deep through your brand will result in building a much stronger relation with the target.

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