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Super Bowl Efforts

Super Bowl XLV concluded successfully: an exciting game that ended up with a tough score (Green Bay 31 – Pittsburgh 25), a great performance by The Black Eyed Peas for the halftime show, plus a stunning stadium in North Texas that was completely full on the big day (105 million people!)

According to Nielsen Co., the match was watched by 111 million people in the United States. Knowing that this competition catches the attention of so many NFL fans, brands make sure to be there in order to reach their target. Let us take a look at this particular TV commercial broadcasted in Mexico throughout the season. This is the version in English:

So, Old Spice’s objective is to let know the audience that there is a variety of scents for men. The use of different scenarios and the explanation of the main character are the very first hint of this; however, the way the ‘landscapes’ change is just crude. Flying over, crashing a tree and a rooftop… it is more of a fantastic story rather than a commercial that attempts to sell…a product.

Besides, there is a little mistake in terms of visual continuity: the original man does not have mustache. When he is about to play golf, he does. Careful with those details! Now, that makes the audiovisual concept even harder to believe.

Another element that might make the audience frown is the “just kidding, I’m not a woman” line. What is the point of including a mask that partially indicates that the previous statements were not told by a man? Seems that the woman is only there to ‘decorate’ the scene and praise the masculine figure. Old school.

Notice that the man holds the product at all times. Almost at the end of the commercial, he is holding all the fragrances for greater exposure. This could be a sign that the brand is desperately in need of positioning since the item is always on screen; therefore, the ad highlights the weaknesses instead of the strengths.

And that big nose smelling the products at the very end…well, no comments on that.

Having the opportunity to be one of the brands that have ads on the Super Bowl is not just random. After negotiating and taking all the necessary steps to be there and reach the audience, the effort should be worthwhile.  This competition is an annual ritual so it would be best to tell them why the brand makes it more enjoyable instead of just pushing backs (or noses) to go buy it.

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