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Branding Projection

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projective tset, in psychology, examination that commonly employs ambiguous stimuli (…) to evoke responses that may reveal facets of the subject’s personality by projection of internal attitudes, traits, and behaviour patterns upon the external stimuli.” (Britannica.com)

Some of these methods include inkblots (Rorschach Test), enigmatic pictures (Thematic Apperception Test), completing sentences, word association among others.  Their connection to psychology is also helpful when it comes to learning more about consumer behavior as well as for branding activities.

Completing sentences and word association can be two really effective techniques for creating brand personality or evaluating its perception according to the target. In the former case, the information obtained from through research (qualitative and quantitative) will lead the way to finding the right projection before a specific public.
It is not what the communication/marketing team wants to represent in a brand, it is about putting together the right values for the right segment.

So, if you organize a focus group session to start constructing your brand, the way you write the sentence to complete must be clear enough in order to get answers with precision. Avoid causing the person a difficult time to think so that the response is more natural.

Word association can be more powerful when trying to find a specific reaction towards a product. Maybe your want to add a new flavor, but you have to make sure your target will like it. For example, by just saying the word “strawberry”, the subject might reply with a “yum” or a “yuck”. This is the main difference between this technique and asking straight away, where said subject may reply with a positive tone to please researcher.

When evaluating a brand’s perception, the name of it has to be present so that associations are accurate and explicit. This is the moment of truth, since it will be possible to claim if the brand is having the right projection; therefore, this determines what the elements are to correct.
Completing sentences in this case is crucial. Do not condition the subject with a series of “true” or “false”. The right to freely express will bring better results.

Keep in mind that your expectations might differ from the real opinions; however, this information will make your brand stronger and closer to your people.


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