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Viral Concepts

Catchy and simple. That is how a viral video must be produced. And even more important: people must perceive that straightforwardness so that they keep watching and sharing it with someone else.

On the other hand, a really well known figure (or  figures) attract the audience right away. Attention in this sense is key.

For example:

The scenario is spectacular as well as the skills…apparently! We do not know for sure if the trajectory of the ball was edited or if it was real. This is really discussed if you read the comments on youtube. Aside from this topic, the concept of the video is not so strong due to the lack of freshness.

To begin with, why David Beckham? Is he still a soccer player at all? It is true that his ability with free kicks was outstanding some time ago, but nowadays he is not that brilliant as a sport man. On the other hand, his overexposure as a show man made his image outdate; therefore, seeing him again on an ad is not as ‘wonderful’ as it used to be.

So what about a fresher figure? Like Lionel Messi. 

Now, what is this video trying to portray about the brand? We recognize the can, the logo…but then what? Where is the personality of the brand? And where is the slogan?

In 2008, Steven Gerrard starred an ad with similar characteristics, but of course, with a different concept and a clearer message:

It is also simple and quick. Skills can be admired and questioned. Really hard to tell if it was real, but then again that is not the point! He is still a fresh figure, at least in the UK; besides, Steven has always been associated with ADIDAS so it is not like his image is overexposed with the brand.

Pepsi might have gotten some inspiration from ADIDAS; however, the latter did display a message at the end of the video. There was a punch line that made all the pieces fit. The former is too generic, but still manages to be a viral.

Question is, could it have even more views with a stronger idea?

I would love to know what you guys think. Agree or disagree?

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